Career Opportunities - Taxi Drviers wanted !


Taxi drivismall-200-taxi-lady1ng is little understood by the general public, many think that the driver just sits in a car taking people from point A to B.  Below are just some of the activities drivers can be involved in on a normal shift:

  • Taking children to and from school who are intellectually challenged or have a physical disability (some of these trips go as far as Maitland, Muswellbrook and Kurri
  • Assisting elder persons to medical appointments locally, Maitland, Newcastle and Sydney
  • Providing patient transfers from local hospitals to the Upper Hunter, Maitland and Newcastle Hospitals and specialist facilities
  • Courier urgent blood deliveries and pathology samples
  • Picking up clients from airports such as Williamtown, Belmont and Mascot
  • Conducting day tours of the wineries for small groups in maxi-taxis and limousines
  • Courier parts to mine sites and other related industries ( this can mean a 12 km run to Mt Thorley or a 3400km round trip to the Queensland coalfields at Mackay)
  • Courier urgent documents for court cases and tenders
  • Provide VIP (Limousine) transport for government, mining and corporate personnel
  • Provide trips from power stations and mines to all areas of the Hunter region for personnel on overtime shifts and the like
  • Some of these tasks may require you to drive a utility, van or small truck
  • Shifts can be from 10 to 12 hours with breaks or many drivers are called in for short notice jobs of a few hours for the mines etc.
  • We run a 28 day roster so you can plan activities well ahead.
Advancement can be made from basic taxi driving to providing VIP services and conducting vineyard tours.  For further information go to the NSW Taxi Council website click here please note country taxi drivers do not attend the metro taxi training schools, a two day training programme is provided locally at no cost to you.  You will need to contact the manager for an interview regarding your suitability and driving record before you proceed to obtaining a Taxi Driver Authority.




For persons who do not wish to drive but have a sound knowledge of Singleton streets and the surrounding shire then controlling up to a dozen drivers and vehicles might interest you.  The base operator receives phone requests and bookings and allocates tasking of drivers and vehicles.

Taxi drivers are not employees.  You are deemed “Bailee Contractors” that is you rent the vehicle from the base as a contactor and remit a percentage of the earnings to the base.  The set rate is 40% for the driver, the base pays for fuel and repairs.  Superannuation, holiday pay and sickness benefits are your responsibility; there are several low cost industry schemes for income protection of Taxi drivers.  The radio base covers all drivers for workers compensation insurance.  We have a small downturn in our operations during school holiday periods, drivers are encouraged to use these periods for holidays etc.  This is done on a request basis and distributed evenly throughout the year.

You will be required to register as a business i.e. you get an ABN Australian Business Number from the ATO (Tax Office) ph 132 478 you must also register for GST collection.  Normally you do not have to register for GST if your gross takings are under $50000.  Taxi and Hire Car drivers do not come under this rule. Remember 1/11th of your earnings is GST.

There are some advantages in being your own registered business and collecting GST.

  • You can claim expenses in running your business (portions of rent/ interest/ power bills/ home phone)
  • 100% of your mobile phone
  • uniform maintenance washing etc
  • stationery pens pencils etc. / torches / batteries / calculators / computers / software
  • car cleaning gear

All these have a GST element which you can offset against GST you have collected.
Example 1) Your gross for the fortnight $2750, your share is $1100,  $100 of this is GST, your gross wage so far is $1000, you have a mobile phone bill and other receipts for $165, $16.50 is GST leaving $150, your GST to remit to the ATO is reduced to $83.50 and your effective gross earnings are reduced to $850 so you pay less tax.

Driver Authorities Applications are sent out by the Ministry of Transport PH 1800 049 971 advise them it is for a country taxi authority and hire car authority.  You will first have to obtain a printout of your driving record from the motor registry office.  You will also undergo a medical examination for fitness conducted by your doctor, and the Ministry will conduct a police check.  The minimum time for an application to be processed is about 10 days.  In this time we try to commence your training.  There is a small cost to obtaining your driving authority.  The Ministry of Transport charge $100 for your first authority, and special photo is required for your driver authority, these can be done at Fuji Image at Town Square.  All these costs are tax deductable.